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This spine chiller has to do with Dr. Anand and its impressive home Secured with the outsiders. Dr. Anand is a nerve system professional, that is extraordinary at his job. All the individuals are stunned by his tasks in the clinical field. So the collection begins at a high speed story. So Anand is an extraordinary instructor in a school. His understudies value his job. He is similarly an outstanding looking man and also there are followers for him. One the very first moment of his understudies was interested regarding how he addresses the instances and required to examine his job. He returns house silently like a hoodlum where nobody takes note. Additionally, later on the authentic criminal pertained to loot the Anand residence. They go into the house by sounding the entryway, the understudy opens up the entrance, yet they consider him Anand and give him the drug. They take all the cash from your home, when they go up to check for some even more money in the cupboards they find the assemblage of Anand. They get shocked as well as do not recognize acceptable habits in the circumstance. The web collection spins on just how the two women thugs get captured and come clean as well as what will befall the understudy who followed him.

Technical Aspects:
● This internet collection has an interesting as well as interesting storyline. This internet series will go to the highest point of all the telugu internet series because of the storyline.
● This series has the very best songs which will cause you to feel the sensations and spine chiller in the excellent means. The series will create you to comprehend the hurries.
● This collection will certainly have the remarkable cinematography, all the information of the web collection at the very best degree.
● The web collection area is decent, the greater part of the series is taken shots at your house itself yet after that your house was planned in the most effective place as well as the collection remains in a respectable means.

Cast & Crew:
Star: Satya Dev Kancharana
Actress: SamyukthaHornadu, Sri Lakshmi,
Other Stars: Inturi Vasu, BindhuPagidimarri, Keshav Deepak, John Kottoly, Aberaam Varma, KrishanManjushaChivukula
Supervisor: Pradeep Dev Kumar.
Producer: Ram Ganesan, K.S. Madhubala, Shanmuga Raja
Music Supervisor: Prashanth Srinivas
Cinematographer: NijaiGowthaman
Created By: Pradeep Dev Kumar

Know Extra Regarding Film:
Runtime: 7 Episodes thirty minutes each.
Released: 25 March 2020
Style: Psychological Thriller

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