Flooding is a common occurrence in valleys. Suppose there is a flood or rain in Makkah. This was not an uncommon incident in Makkah and was the source of many worries before the days of manure and flood control systems. For days the Kaaba would be half-submerged in water. The Kaaba is still in the same form as the Prophet PBUH used to live in. If someone isn’t aware of the rules, the event management staff can explain the rules to the person so that they can also test their skills. This is the History

It is important to remember that not all schools offer these options, but a large majority of them do due to the economic shifts that the world has seen. The old Kaaba was once an entrance for arrivals and a separate one for departure. However, due to the rapid growth in the number of pilgrims and other problems that the Kaaba is now locked twice a year for notables and guests of the highest class. The current Kaaba only has one entrance and no windows. It also had a window on one side agen dominoqq for a considerable period. The Kaaba being at the lowest point of a valley, can rain. We have become so used to the idea that the Kaaba is protected in the black and gold banding we have developed a phobia about it.

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